If you have a heart to worship and serve God, we have a place for you. We love that God created us to be us to be unique and that He gave us different interests, gifts, and talents to be used for His glory.


There are many different areas you can serve within the worship and creative umbrella, from joining the worship team, the photography and media teams, and so much more!


INSTRUMENTALS: This is the team of our instrumentalists at Mercy Ridge. If you play drums, bass, guitar, keys, etc., this is the crew that you want to be a part of.


VOCALS: This team is for all vocalists of Mercy Ridge, whether you’ve been singing for 20+ years or just started singing recently. We will help get you where you want to be as a singer and help you gain the confidence you need to lead people in worship.


PRODUCTION: Production Team runs cameras, lights, video switchers, and audio to ensure that every person who attends on Sunday or watches online has the best experience possible. No experience is necessary, just a heart to serve.


PHOTOGRAPHY: The photography team assists in capturing photographs of all that God is doing at Mercy Ridge for use on the church website, social media, & print.


MEDIA: Media Team runs the visual presentation of our Sunday morning experience. This includes everything from worship lyrics to sermon slides. No experience is needed. Just a heart to serve!