Children and youth are a top priority at Mercy Ridge Church. Each ministry (Kid’s life, Little Life, and Unite Students) offers a place where children and youth have the capability of experiencing God in profound ways. Whether it is through worship, lessons, games, or talking one on one with a volunteer, each week, they are learning something new about God and being in His family. What an amazing privilege we’ve been given to help lay a solid foundation!


It is our mission to raise a generation that will not depart from God! 


KIDS LIFE (K5-11): Kids Life Leaders interact with children and families to provide a welcoming environment. They are committed to raising up the next generation. Kids Life Leaders assist in providing a worship experience where children can experience God and grow in their faith. From creating high energy environments and lessons to facilitating games, there’s a place for you to serve in Kids Life!


LITTLE LIFE (6W-2): One of the most difficult things for a parent to do is leave their kid in an unfamiliar environment. Our job is to make this as easy as possible by demonstrating that their child is safe and having fun. When we do this, it allows our guests to experience the Gospel free of distractions. That parent could meet Jesus because you gave them the opportunity!


LITTLE LIFE (3-4): We believe pre-school-aged kids can change the world. We’ve seen firsthand how capable they are to use the lessons we teach them to impact their friends and families. That’s why we do our best to create a fun, interactive learning environment! There’s nothing better than being a part of a child taking their first steps in being obedient to Christ!


United Students meets every Sunday at 6:00pm. United Student Leaders engage, encourage, and equip the next generation through our services and caring relationships. If you want to be part of what is happening in this next generation, this ministry is a place for you!